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    Success of Wuxi's official Weibo hailed

    2016-01-25 09:47:00来源:
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    "Wuxi Fabu", the official micro blog of the Wuxi government in Jiangsu province made the top 10 list of the 2016 Chinese government official Weibo, jointly released by the People's Daily and Sina Corp on Jan 20, the Wuxi Daily reported.

    Wuxi was the only prefecture-level city on the ranking, following Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu.

    "Wuxi Fabu" was launched in 2012 and has attracted more than 1.27 million followers on Sino Weibo and Tencent Weibo, the Twitter-like micro-blogging services.

    The two accounts have released 15,320 pieces of news totally, gaining 370,000 reposts and 240,000 comments.

    "Wuxi Fabu" publishes timely and authoritative information regarding policies and social issues, responds to public concerns and interacts with netizens, aiming to act as a bridge between the government and the public.

    In July, 2015, "Wuxi Fabu" added more services, such as weather forecasts, hospital registrations and bus inquiries, on China's biggest instant messaging platform WeChat.

    Currently, its WeChat account has released 1,168 pieces of information and attracted more than 50,000 followers. Some articles' page views have even exceeded 100,000.

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